Cimarosa: “Sinfonie”: a new CD release by RC Record Classic

Cimarosa: “Sinfonie”. Harmoniae Templum Chamber Orchestra. Simone Perugini, conductor.

Since March 21, 2017, a new cd recording release by Rc Record Classic Label: Sinfonie [Opera Overtures], containing a series of Opera Ouvertures by Domenico Cimarosa, great Neapolitan School composer of the second half of the XVIIIth Century.
The CD will be containe author’s most famous Ouvertures (i. e. the ones for Il Matrimonio Segreto and Gli Orazi e i Curiazi) and other ones unpublished and unrecorded till now. In this first release are present Overtures that are part of the opera productions of the full author’s maturity (1784-1801).
The recording ah been performed by the orchestra Harmoniae Templum, London, formed by experienced musicians in Baroque performance practice and classic directed by the Italian musician Simone Perugini, composer, musicologist and conductor, considered one of the leading experts of Domenico Cimarosa.
The CD will be released by English record label RC Record Classic.
Mr. Perugini is also the author of the critical editions of the scores used for recording and published by Artaria Editions Limited – New Zealand and by the Scientific Board of Accademia Lirica Toscana “Domenico Cimarosa” (Florence, Italy). The CD will be available in record stores, on Amazon and, in digital version one, will be available from all major e-stores music: iTunes, Google Play, etc.

“Sinfonie” by Cimarosa
CD cover